How to Make Important Decisions You Will Never Regret Later

Making a decision can often put us in anxiety. Is it the right decision? Should I do this or that? How do you make a decision and be confident and at peace that you’re not gonna regret that choice later? Today, I’m going to share with you an exact process to do just that.

Check it out. And today we’re talking about decisions, and often decisions put us in the most anxiety because we’ve all made bad decisions in the past, decisions we regret, decisions that brought us pain, but how can you make a decision that leads you to a life you love? How can you make a decision that leads to more expansion and be really confident in that decision? Decisions are often at crossroads in our life.

Should you continue to see him? Should you continue to date him? Should you say no to him? Or should you go for what you love? Should you change careers? All of these points. I wanna share with you one particular way of thinking that can leave you at peace when making the decision, and surely puts you on a path of expansion. And to describe this principle, let me share with you this story. I’m a senior in college at the University of San Diego, and I’m just finishing up my medical school recommendations. I was graduating pre-med with honors, had taken my MCATs, and I was about to go to medical school. And yet that entire senior year, I could hear my still, small voice speaking to me and beckoning me to become a teacher.

Now, I went and looked up how much teachers made, (chuckling) and they didn’t make even close to what a physician makes. And I was thinking, I wanna provide for my family in a different way, and I wanna help people and doctors help people and make better money, that’s the more logical path for me. But key number one is when making a decision, don’t consult logic, consult the life within you, and it speaks to you in a still, small voice.

One of my mentors says life is a whole lot easier when you allow yourself to be moved by the feather’s touch. In other words, your still, small voice never shouts at you, it never pushes you in one direction or the other, it’s a still small voice. It means you have to calm yourself, it’s like a feather’s touch. And so as I listened to that voice more and more, it kept saying, be a teacher. And I remember ordering the application to become a certified teacher from the University of Oregon, and I’m sitting at this rickety desk that I had built out of cinder blocks and plywood in my college dorm, and I’ve got medical school application and the school to become a teacher both on the desk. And I call up my mom and I say, “Mom, I’m at a crossroads.

I know you have just sent me to this college and my goal was to become a doctor, but I’m feeling like maybe I should change paths. I’m feeling like maybe I wanna be a teacher.” And there was a long silent pause on the phone. (chuckling) And my mom said, “Mat, I will give you the advice that my father gave me when I was at an important decision-making moment, at a crossroads in my life.” And I said, “Well, what did Grandpa tell you?” And she said, “Do what gives you life.” That question, do what gives you life.

You see when making a decision, you will feel which path brings you more life and which path brings you more constriction, more heaviness. Often this is the path is more logical, makes more sense, but when you go down that road in your mind, imagine that you’re at a crossroads and you’ve got two paths before you, travel down one road in your mind and feel what it feels like. And one of those two paths will bring you more life. When my mom said, “Do what gives you life,” immediately I knew which one felt more life-giving and it was teaching. Didn’t make a whole a lot of logical sense. Being a doctor makes way more money. And so I followed my intuition, crumpled up the application for medical school, and signed up to become a teacher.

Three weeks later, I’m on a spiritual pilgrimage in India with my mom and a group of 40 other people. It’s a two week journey. Halfway through this journey, the guide invites us to meet a yogi. And he says that this spiritual master is gonna read our auras and tell us what the auras mean.

And so I’ll never forget, this guide takes my mom, myself, two other people through this back village of India, through these small corridors that have dirt on the floor, these dirt walkways, and there’s donkeys pulling wagons full of cabbage past us, and we could smell the curry being cooked in the kitchens. We finally make it to this one house, and I walk around the outside of this house, they lead us up this stairwell around the outside, up to the top of the roof. And there’s the yogi, sitting on this rooftop in this village. (chuckling) And I’m thinking, this is incredible. And he’s all dressed in white and he’s got a shock of white hair. And immediately I get fear in my gut because I don’t want him to tell me something that’ll make me doubt the decision that I just made.

And so I tell my mom, “You know what, why don’t you guys go have this reading, he’s gonna read your aura, and I’ll hang back.” And my mom laughs and she goes, “Okay, I’ll go and I’ll have my experience and I’ll tell you if I think this guy is real.” Well, the first person sits down and this man puts his hand on their forehead and they close their eyes. And this man takes his hand off and he opens his eyes and he says, “Your aura is red and it means this, and blue and it means this, and purple, that means this.” And he was reading this person’s aura and they had all these different colors, and that person came back and was just blown away, saying, “Wow, this man was spot on.” Second person goes, sits down. The gentleman closes his eyes. The yogi closes his eyes.

He puts his hand on their forehead, opens his eyes, the yogi, they both open their eyes and the yogi says, “Your aura is red, and yellow, and green, and blue, and each one means this, this, this.” That man came back and said, “This guy’s the real deal.” My mom goes, has that same experience. All these colors, they all meant something and he was right on. And so my mom says, “Do you wanna do it?” And I’m like, “Fine.” So I sit down in front of this guy, my arms are folded like this. I’m totally in resistance. And he puts his hand on my forehead, he closes his eyes. I keep my eyes open, I’m like, looking at him. (chuckling) And finally he opens his eyes and he says, “Young man-” I’m in my early 20s. He goes, “Young man, your aura is yellow, pure yellow.” And I say, “And?” – And he said, “No, that’s it, just yellow.” And I said, “Great. Already I regret my decision. I’ve got aura deficiency. (chuckling) They had all these colors, I only have yellow. Fine. What does yellow mean?” And he goes, “Young man.

Yellow is the color of a teacher. What do you plan on doing with your life?” And immediately, I got a lump in my throat and my eyes filled with tears because I knew that that voice was calling me was the voice of my purpose. That was the voice of my soul saying you need to step in and do what you were meant to do in this world. And I said, “Well, sir, it’s funny you say that because I just enrolled in graduate school to become a teacher.” And I’ll never forget, he shook my hand and he pulled me in and he said, “Good job.

Way to listen. Way to listen.” You see, every one of us has the voice of spirit that’s beckoning you, that’s speaking to you in that still, small voice that’s calling you forward into a life that you would love. And it never speaks to you in fear, it never demands you or shoves you in a direction, it never speaks to you in shoulds, but it speaks to you in, what would you love? And it speaks to you through the energy of expansion, it speaks through the energy of life. “A Course in Miracles” says, if you make a decision and that you’re not at peace, you must’ve decided wrongly. I must have decided wrongly because I am not at peace, but I can choose again.

It’s that last line that I love. I can choose again. You can choose again right now what you would love. What you would love for your life in your relationship, what you would love for your life in your career, what you would love in your life for your health. You can choose again. The question is what choice would bring you life? You choose that and you will never regret that decision. My question for you is what method have you found brings you peace when you make decisions? Go ahead and comment that method down below. I’m gonna love to read these comments. And know this, I believe that a greater life, an expanded life, an amazing life is seeking you now. I appreciate you. Thanks for reading. I’ll see you soon.

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