3 Phrases That Give Men Goosebumps

I hope you feel a big wave of love coming from me to you this day, and to make your day even more special, I’m gonna share with you three phrases that your man will love that might even give him goosebumps. These three phrases you can use any day of the year, but especially today, check it out.

Now, if you celebrate Christmas, this is the day of the year where we give those that we care about gifts to try to express the love that we have for them. And there’s a great book that talks about the expressions of love, and it’s called the five love languages. And it talks about really five different languages for how people give and receive love. One of which is gifts, but there’s another love language that there’s a lot of men who really absorb love this way, and it’s called words of affirmation.

And so today, I thought that I would share with you as you and your special person give love to one another in ways that matter to you, of course, your man’s job is to pour into you, to cherish you and to show you how much you mean to him. And as you do the same thing for him, I thought I would give you these phrases because your man is gonna love these phrases. And they might just give him goosebumps. The first kind of phrase is to celebrate his accomplishment, really acknowledge him and celebrate what he’s accomplished. And so you can finish this sentence. You can say, you made this day so, and then fill in the blank. You can say you made this day so special, or honey, you made this the best Christmas ever, or you made this day so meaningful for me. When you celebrate a man’s accomplishment, you give him this sense of value. You give him this extra sense of worth that he’s done something meaningful for the woman who means the most to him. T

he second phrase is to acknowledge the effect that he has on you. One of the way that men feel fulfilled is by knowing he’s had a positive effect on you. And so you can say phrases like honey, your kisses make me melt, or having you by my side fills my heart with joy, or your smell drives me wild.

Your man is gonna love to hear the way that he’s had an impact on you. You try these phrases and just see the look that happens on your man’s face, and actually, if you would love even more phrases that ignite desire in a man, I’ve got a great free gift for you called 15 Phrases That Ignite Desire in a Man.The third type of phrase is called sexual cliffhanger phrases. Your man is gonna love these phrases. They not only build the sexual tension, but they give your man a little hint about what might be coming later tonight. So the first phrase, I got a little list of these for you right here. First phrase is, I can’t wait till I get you alone and then give him a little kiss or you’re in trouble tonight. Or, I’ve got a special gift for you later, or, you have no idea what I wanna do to you later.

These are awesome, these are great phrases. So I’ve got a bonus phrase for you also. So those are three phrases that your man is gonna love. You give him a little kiss with that, oh, you’re gonna be turning him on. And here’s the bonus phrase, and I call this the UPP, the ultimate praise phrase, the ultimate phrase you can give your man that will fill his heart with joy. That will skyrocket his sense of worthiness and his sense of worth in the relationship. He’s gonna love this. And the ultimate praise phrase is, you do a great job of being my man. Look in his eyes, say that phrase, give him a kiss. He will love it. My wife invented this phrase and the best thing to do is not after he’s done something for you, but just pull this one out of the blue in a random moment.

My wife and I are driving and it’s been silent for maybe a few minutes. And then she looks over at me and she goes, you know what, honey, you do a great job of being my man. I said, what, why, what makes you say that? And then she listed like four or five things that I do. She loves the way I play with the kids and invent games with them. She loves the way that I sit and talk and we’ll do the dishes together and share about our day.

She like listed four or five things. And I left that conversation feeling like I was on cloud nine, I loved it. So give that phrase to your man. He is gonna love it, the UPP. And what’s funny as I was thinking about this phrase UPP, and it reminded me of that Naughty by Nature song. And I thought, you know what? This is a great song. And that just validates that men love this phrase, right? Let’s bring in Naughty by Nature right now. Exactly, so there you have it. The UPP ultimate praise phrase and three phrases that will ignite love in your man’s heart. My question for you is what phrases have you found that your man absolutely loves? Go ahead and post that in the comment section below and know this, I’m sending a big wave of love for me to you. I’m wishing you an amazing day and I’ll see you soon.

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